Guru Nanak National College has a well-equipped Central Library in the college and a separate library facility for girls. It has a collection of 35,253 books. A total of 18 newspapers and 95 magazines in English, Punjabi and Hindi languages are subscribed. It has been fully computerized during the current session. During the current session books worth about Rs. 1,20,000/- (Rupees one lakh and twenty thousand) have been added to the library.Membership of British Library is on the anvil.Our Library is fully automated.Use New Libsoft Automation Software.
For making the best use of the library, the following rules are to be adhered to: –
1. Books from the library will be issued only for 14 days. After that a fine of Rupee 1 per book per day will be charged.
2. Each U.G. student can be issued 4 books and P.G. student 5 books at a time.
3. If a student loses, defaces or mutilates a book, he/she has to replace the book or pay double the cost of that book. If a book is rare or is out of a set and is not easily available, he/she will have to pay the price fixed by the librarian and the Principal.
4. An issued book may be recalled at any time at the discretion of the librarian.
5. At the time of admission, students will be issued identity-cum-library cards and will be responsible for books drawn from the library on these cards.
6. While using the library, the students are required to maintain complete silence and discipline.
7. To become members of the college library, the outside readers will have to seek permission from the Principal.
8. A student can draw a prescribed text book in the subjects of Punjabi,Hindi and English on depositing his / her identity card. However the book has to be returned the same day.
9. Post Graduate students can draw magazines and journals from the college library as per rules.
10. Students can get photostat copies of important articles on nominal charges.
11. Separate library facility is available in the Girls Wing and in the PG Departments.
The needy and meritorious students are issued books
from the book bank for the entire academic session on
the recommendation of the tutor and with the permission
of the Principal.
Various magazines and newspapers pertaining to
different languages are available in this section. Old
editions of magazines can be issued to the students for
one day.
On the recommendation of the tutor and with the
permission of the Principal, regular students of the
college can become the members of this library by
filling the prescribed form. For this they will have to
adhere to the University regulations. The members of
this library will be issued university roll numbers at the
end of the year, after they clear all the library dues

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