Youth Fest at GNNC

Embracing the artistic bequest, Punjab University (PU) is all set to host the upcoming 34th Inter-University National Youth Festival “PU Fest 2019” here in tri-city making it the biggest artistic celebrations in the country.

A blend of cultural ethnicity enfolding different creative genres will be displayed during this five-day cultural extravaganza celebrating the cultural depth of Indian society. Showcasing music, dance, and creative arts, alongside national cuisine, sports, and sideshows. PU Fest has a prolonging history of being the biggest youth contrivance of the country. Each year the festival involves over 300 creative arts, cultural, and community groups making PU Fest 2019 one of the grandiose cultural affair in the country. This year is set to be the greatest celebration in the history of National Youth Festivals yet as cultural artists from more than 10 countries are going to participate in the same festival and will be giving a representation of talents, traditions & cultures of their countries.

PU Fest 2019 represents the essence of Indian community by bringing together people from all walks of life, in the spirit of unity and friendship & will draw patronage from a diverse population of artistic aficionados and will remain a valued occasion for the state of Punjab & the country. Through this festival we wish to promote the exchange of cultures, knowledge and practice in domain of performing arts.
We shall be happy to welcome the delicate university youth from all corners of the country, who have been awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in the various events in inter-university zonal youth festivals 2018-19 organized at various zones of the country to undertake the final step for being called the national conquistadors.

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